With new trends spreading faster than wildfire on the Web, we know it’s not easy keeping up, especially when many Internet crazes fizzle out quicker than you can say trending (MySpace, anyone?). Here’s a weekly roundup of what’s trending right NOW so you can stay ahead of the curve and seize an opportunity to have a little fun and join the craze.

First up, let’s talk planking. This craze picked up speed a few weeks ago across the country; however, it’s been a fad in Europe and Asia for a few years. Haven’t you noticed pictures of people lying flat in odd places from sports stadiums to the highest point of a building? Just search #planking on Twitter and you’ll find more links to pictures than you’ll know what to do with. I recently traveled to St. Maarten to visit my family and came across a local cellular phone company that held a Facebook Photo Contest challenging people to submit their best planking pictures. I certainly thought it was interesting that the planking craze made its way to a 36-square-mile island in the Caribbean.

The planking craze doesn’t appear to be fizzling out anytime soon but it is leading to a new Internet craze, which brings us to… Owling. Good Morning America, not one to let a trend go to waste, reported on the new craze and jumped on the bandwagon. Similar to planking, owling is when someone sits like an owl.

Next up is the newest Facebook competitor on the block the invitation-only Google+. It’s Google’s third attempt at creating a social media platform after the failed Buzz and Wave. Just weeks after its launch, Google+ has reportedly more than 18 million users and seems to be continuing to grow.  Although some claim it’s the end of Facebook, others are predicting another swing and a miss for Google. To learn more about Google+ read this Mashable article.

And, that about wraps it up for this week. But, don’t pout we’ll be back  soon with more trending and pop culture trivia for you.